Our mission is to provide with the means that enable innovation and implementation of human-inclusive circular economy

3-Fold Human-Inclusive Circular Economy addresses:

  • USERS of machines, technology and materials
  • CONSUMERS of biological products 
  • HUMANS by including people with distance to labor market


  • e-Score Card: 3-Fold Circularity 
  • Data-Driven Tool: Measures the 3-fold circularity of the impact of Investment-in human inclusion
  • Data-Driven Tool: Measures the 3-fold circularity of the impact of Investment-in human capacity building programs.
  • Next Generation e-Learning:  3-Fold Circular Economy Capacity Building Programs  [ V.R. (Immersive e-Learning - Simulations) assisted by A.I. Learning-Coach & Smart Apps ]
  • Cloud-Based Think-Tank:  Lean learning and lean thinking methodology applied to 3-Fold Circular Economy. Automated communication process moderation.
  • Smart Apps - Innovation Tools: 3-Fold Circular Economy Value Release


We teach people in organizations to cope with and thrive at the challenges presented by 3-fold circular economy, the rise of technology 4.0 and challenges addressed in the UN global sustainable development goals (SDGs).



Human-Inclusive Circularity


Including people with distance to labor market

3-Fold Circularity Score-Card Smart App

  • How advanced are you in the implementation of circular conomy ?
  • Which is the next level ?
  • How can you integrate human-inclusive circularity in your business ?

R&D 3-Fold Circular Economy - Human Inclusive Circularity model, developed under the umbrella of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, by a team of circular economy, human capital & sustainable development consultants. (2018-2019)

2019 MQC [ Matrix-Quotient Circular ] Solutions B.V. founded by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, as a spin off of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, organization and recruiting phase, will complete with the launch of the first 3-Fold Circular Economy App, an e-Score card aimed to support entrepreneurs and community leaders to do an assessment on their circularity level. 

2019-2021 MQC will launch new 3-Fold circular economy applications, next-generation e-learning (V.R.) capacity building programs, and automated think-tank tool and innovation lab platform.


A nature inspired and emotionally intelligent systemic approach  for circular economy.

"The potential of the human variable of the circular economy equation has been unleashed by the 3-Fold Matrix-Q Circularity model". 

Human Inclusive Circularity implementation tracks:

  • Human Capital Circularity: Including people with distance to labor market: “ THERE IS NO HUMAN WASTE “
  • Human Capital Circularity: Optimize Human Resources Management with Matrix-Q 3-Fold Circular Economy Model
  • Endo-Circularity: skills, competences, that enable in an individual the ability to understand, innovate and implement circular economy
  • Circular Economy Education methodology: lean learning and lean thinking applied.
  • Measure, Enhance & Excel:  Coporate Immunology - Matrix-Q DNA Code as indicator of the human capital circularity capacity. 
  • SDG & Human Circularity: Application of SDG in daily life with a circular approach

MQCE Co-Founder's Program 

In order to strengthen our team, since 2019, we welcome social impact entrepreneurs, circular economy innovators and cloud based applications developers. 

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LDMF Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, MQC CEO, Founder, R&D Innovation 3-Fold Circular Economy. 

“ We are living at the edge of a wonderful global opportunity: to come together as humanity, take responsibility on the human footprint on our  planet and create a circular sustainable global civilization.”  - LDMF

B.C. Bosco Chang, MQC Co-Founder,  Digital Production & Media.

"I like to create cutting edge training programs to strengthen corporate clients' business management and leadership skills in the new era" - BC

MvK. Maarten van Keulen, MQCE R&D, Advisor Role. Co-developer of the 3-Fold Circular Economy Innovations. He is focused on the practical implementation of sustainable business models and circular economy.

" We aim to connect all players, from the beginning to the end. Together, and not alone, we can become fully circular." - MvK

MN. Mark Nierop is specialized in transforming ideas to results. His focus is on on HR Analytics within the HR field.

Apps Developer at MQCE. Joined the MQCE Co-founder’s Program in June 2019.  

“Possibilities! That’s what I always see and how I approach everything. When there are no boundaries, I am really in my element and if there are boundaries I feel happily challenged. Therefor: There are always possibilities.” - MN

L.F. Lori Farley focus is on Strategic Planning & Implementation, Board Governance & Operations, and Fund & Program Development. Think Tank and Innovation Lab at MQCE.  Joined the MQCE Co-founder’s Program in June 2019.  

 " I believe in translating vision, values and strategy into action, I am committed to harnessing the significant tangible, and intangible, benefits that come with vibrant community and culture”. - LF

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